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5 things you need to consider for your orchid this winter

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5 things you need to consider for your orchid this winter

Orchid Care for Winter


Orchids are thought of as tropical plants that love warmth and humidity, however with the right care they can happily survive and thrive through the colder winter months, read our tips on how to keep your orchid happy this winter!


Less watering – plants need less water when it’s cooler and overwatering is the most common problem with orchids, so it is important to cut back on the amount and frequency of water that you give them. Keep an eye on the roots, when they look silvery grey in colour it is time to give them a bit of water, this might only be once every couple of weeks.


Temperature – the central heating has come on now, so check where your orchids are positioned for the winter. Don’t put them directly above a radiator but also keep them out of cold spots as they really don’t like getting too cold overnight.

Light – the sun isn’t as strong in the winter, but it is still important to keep your orchid out of direct sunlight.


Re-flowering – maybe your orchid has stopped flowering now, don’t despair, it will hopefully re-flower again. Cut down the stems to just a few centimetres long and then be patient, it may take several weeks or months for a new stem to start growing but when it does you will be rewarded for your patience with another fantastic display of flowers! Sometimes moving your orchid to another room or position in the house helps to speed up the re-flowering process.


Re-potting – if you’ve had your orchid for a few years you may find that the pot is getting a bit overcrowded with roots and your plant may benefit from being re-potted. You can easily do this with some of our orchid re-potting bark and a larger clear plastic pot.

Good luck!

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