Formex Trend Show, Stockholm


Welcome to the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design

From cherubs to candelabras, everything at Formex seems to be dripping in bling or dipped in a metallic sheen. Coating everything with a shimmer of the luxurious is very on trend for Christmas 2016, and is definitely here to stay. It seems 2017 will be the year of adding a touch of regal elegance into your cosy home.  Everyday items laden with gold, for no other reason than, because why wouldn’t you.

The colour spectrum of greens, grey, white and blush pinks mixed with high shines and metallic glazes creates a tranquil and inviting environment. Coating your senses in a luxurious colour blanket. Rich materials and exclusive detailing create an ambiance of opulence, a magnet for those with expensive taste or the magpies amongst you.formex-4


Orchids themselves exude elegance, the precise and symmetrical form of the orchid flowers shine amongst the opulent décor.

The exotic plant could be seen throughout the exhibition, adding a touch of class and richness to the displays.

This ‘Luxe’ style is in stark contrast to the other staple current trend of rustic farmhouse.



‘Rustic ageing’

Washed, rusty and aged zinc was seen in abundance at Formex. Using texture and pattern on the surfaces to create shadow detailing and tonal changes in the tactile material. An almost corroded effect on the surface of the zinc material in combination with the clean and fresh looking orchids, creates contrast and really highlights the purity of the orchid flowers.

‘The 70’s revival’

Texture, pattern and colour in a seemingly obscene combination of the 70’s is being reborn into a contemporary and subdued form. Using inspiration from retro patterns combined with monochrome or tonal colour palettes gives a comforting nod to the past without exuding a garish outcome.

This trend can be seen throughout the exhibition with ceramic engravings and hand painted ‘watercolour’ glazes and prints, adding iconic decoration to a space without being overpowering in its display.formex3

Elements of the bold and confident era have been paired alongside more contemporary and minimalist pieces to update the look.

With avocado making no apology for being everywhere this summer, from our salad plate to lounge walls and if you’re a beauty fiend in some cases even on our faces. Avocado and 50 shades of green are firmly a trend staple throughout autumn, winter and 2017.

So, will we soon be rescuing and recycling the infamous and shunned avocado baths from our Nan’s bathroom? – I hope not. But the 70’s revival no matter how unexpected is definitely here to stay for the foreseeable.


Through the looking glass’

A host of colours, textures, forms and effects in glass adorn the shelves. From Christmas baubles to vases standing metres high from the ground, statement glass pieces shone throughout the exhibition.

In the photograph above, the orchid roots can be seen to gleam through in glass vase. Displaying the unruly and wild roots in contrast to the symmetrical and elegant flowers encased by the cylindrical glass vase, creates a natural yet glamorous display.

‘Simplicity is key’

Simple colour palettes combined with elegant and graceful ceramic shapes. Tonal shades of natural greens, white and greys act as the perfect frame for plants. Allowing the foliage to stand proud, not overshadowing but complementing the natural form without competing for attention.

Ceramics and living home accessories for every room and every décor. Orchids stand proud and effortlessly adding a touch of personality and class to your space. Use simple white, grey and black ceramics to display your orchid and you too can add a touch of opulence to your home.

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