The lab is fully sterilised. Technicians must wear protective clothing to mitigate the spread of disease between plants.


The boiler can raise temperature by heating water and circulating it round the greenhouse in heating pipes.

Assimilation Lights

These are powerful grow lights which supplement the crop with light on cloudy days.

Shade Screen

This can be drawn over the crop on very bright days, preventing the sun’s rays from scorching the crop.

Spacing Robot

This machine automatically picks up potted plants that are big enough and re-spaces them at a lower density.

Thermal Screen

This can be drawn over the crop during the winter months to prevent heat from escaping the greenhouse.

Spray Booms

These move automatically, spraying water over the crop and providing the plants with water and feed.


The vents control temperature and humidity by opening and closing, allowing hot and humid air to escape the greenhouse.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning units prevent plants in the cool zone from getting too hot during the summer months.

Circulation Fans

These keep the air in the greenhouse moving; preventing hot or cold spots and providing the crop with a continuous supply of fresh air.

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

CO2 acts like a gaseous fertilizer. It can be drawn from the boiler flue, preventing it from entering the atmosphere and boosting plant growth at the same time.

Misting System

This raises the humidity by spraying a very fine water mist into the greenhouse.


The sensors relay real-time greenhouse climate data back to the computer; such as humidity, solar radiation, temperature etc.

Crop Benches

The plants are transported round the greenhouse on aluminium benches mounted on rail tracks.

Orchid Care Tips

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