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Ice-Cube-watering - Love Orchids


The Ice Cube Method  

Here at Love Orchids, we want to share our knowledge and tips to help your orchids thrive. One of the most contentious topics and always a heated one is using ice cubes to water your orchid! We know it sounds crazy but read on to find out why it might help keep your orchids alive for longer!  

We know that watering orchids using ice cubes isn't everyone's preferred method but for those who struggle to keep their plants alive or sometimes over or underwater their plants this method ensures a simple fast and way to prolong the life of your orchid.

If your a orchid aficionado or a horticulture expert then don't worry about the ice cube method, you're probably exacting about the amount of water and feed your plants need and carefully monitor the temperature and environment each week to give your orchid the perfect amount. If though, you love the idea of flowering plants but worry about how to look after them then this might be the best method for you.

Through years of experience we've seen the biggest issue for orchid care is either over watering or under-watering orchids and adapting to the changing indoor environment and temperature. By using the ice cube method, this takes away the most common reason why orchids die and justifies the reputation of orchid's being an easy plant to care for. All you need to do is add one ice cube a week in the winter and two a week in the summer! The ice cubes should only touch the bark or the roots, always ensure any excess water is drained as well.


With orchids originating from the rain forest, where they enjoy hot and humid weather,so we can see the reason for concern when it comes to the ice cube method. But from the studies conducted and our own experience we know the ice cube method is a safe method of watering orchids.

If you want to understand the science behind this, then The Ohio state University and the University of Georgia carried out a study on Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids. Half the orchids were watered using room temperature water and the other half ice cubes. The orchids were evaluated for four to six months and the outcome showed that the orchids watered with ice cubes had the same flower longevity as the orchids watered with room temperature water. It was also concluded that watering orchids with ice cubes was just as effective as traditional watering methods. If you still want more information read the full study here.

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