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Our Roots

We’re proud to be a BFG. No, not that kind. It stands for British Family Grower, which means that everything we grow gets months of love, years of attention, and decades of experience.

At our family nursery in the heart of the New Forest, we’ve made it our mission to grow high-quality houseplants which you’ll love in the long-term. Here’s how.

Our Orchids

Like our ancestors who first built our nursery here in Hampshire, we're all about growing long-lasting, meaningful plants. Difference is, those plants are now packaged with care and sent straight to you.

That care we speak of? It’s in a name. Both in our plants, named after our favourite local New Forest locations, and in the name of our business, chosen because we really do love orchids like they’re part of our family.

After all, for a British Family Grower like us, orchids perfectly reflect the patience we put into all of our plants. We grow each one for years, with an eye to yours lasting for many more. We’re proud that our orchids flower for months, not days — and often even longer.

Our Nursery

At our nursery in the New Forest, the Stevensons have been growing flowering plants for 60 years. And while we started out as little more than a few small glasshouses and a can-do attitude, we're now the UK's largest grower of Phalaenopsis orchids.

Inside those glasshouses, all of our orchids are carefully nurtured to ensure they get exactly the right amount of heat, light, water and nutrients. Once they’ve grown to our exacting standards, they’re hand-picked, packaged with care and quality-checked by our head grower, Malcolm, before we send them to you.

We don’t export outside of the UK. That means you get the benefit of fast, local delivery, and the environment gets a break from flowers being needlessly flown halfway around the world. Combine that with our biomass boiler, which turns waste wood products into heat for our glasshouses, and we’re proud to be growing in a sustainable way.

Our History

Over half a century ago, our founder, Hugh Stevenson, fell in love with flowers. He promptly put down roots in the heart of the New Forest and started planting houseplants to be hand-reared and enjoyed by locals and admirers-from-afar alike.

Of course, we wouldn’t be a family grower without family. That’s why Hugh’s son, Neil, got involved as soon as he was able. Now Neil’s nephew, Andy, is just as hands-on when it comes to making sure we’re growing plants that his grandad would be proud of.

By 2020, we’d long been pioneering orchids in the UK. But when the pandemic happened, everything changed. Faced with fields of composting orchids looking for love, Andy and Neil wondered whether there was a way to get those flowers straight into people’s homes. That’s how Love Orchids was born.

Really, we just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces during a tough time. Now we hope we’re still doing that in brighter days, with grown-to-order houseplants and a booming online business. But peel back the petals and you’ll see that we’re still that same British Family Grower at heart.

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