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  • One Year Online!

    Today we are celebrating our first anniversary of selling orchids online! We never expected to still be in lockdown after a year, however things ar...
  • 5 things you need to consider for your orchid this winter

    Orchids are thought of as tropical plants that love warmth and humidity, however with the right care they can happily survive and thrive through the colder winter months, read our tips on how to keep your orchid happy this winter!
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    Orchid Tips   Quick Tips - How to Look After Orchids:   Positioning your Orchid Watering Orchids Feeding your Orchid Re-flowering - Orchid care af...
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    Ever wondered how your orchid is grown? How long does it take to grow an orchid?    ...
  • The History of Orchids

    Orchidelirum, Victorian Plant Hunters, Phalenopsis hybrids and tissue culture - find out the real history of these fascinating plants