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Why Orchids Make The Best Gifts

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Why Orchids Make The Best Gifts - Love Orchids

 Why Should I Buy An Orchid as a Gift?

If you love orchid plants as much as we do then you may be thinking about gifting them to friends and family. We love sending out orchids, especially during Christmas and Mother's day, knowing our beautiful plants are being used to spread joy. But, if you're not completely convinced, here are just a few reasons why orchids make the BEST gifts. So let us convince you of why to buy an orchid for your loved one this year!

For Their Beauty!

They're one of the most beautiful and captivat­ing flowers, possessing a kind of beauty that's just impossible to resist. Whether it is an arrangement featuring just a single white phalaenopsis orchid or a enthralling mix of different colorful orchids in bloom, they will always be gratefully received. Orchids have such a variety of colours, flowers and sizes within their many species that there will always be something to suit any recipient. 

Most orchid arrangements are curated with live, healthy plants, potted in an optimal medium and presented in a stylish glass or planter. These can also be decorated with lights and trinkets to really go the extra mile in making your orchid a grand gesture of a gift! 

orchid gift

Because They're Allergen Free!

Some people contemplate whether or not to gift flowers or plants out of concern for the recipient and if it would trigger an allergy, rendering the gift more a hindrance than a special surprise. This is a very real concern that should always be taken into account when purchasing a live gift, however, it has now been proven by experts that orchids are one of the safest flowering plants for people with severe allergies. The pollen of orchid plants is very sticky and is concealed inside the bloom unlike other flowers. This stops any risk of pollen becoming airborne and setting off any pollen related allergies making an orchid one of the best and safest flowering gift! 

Orchids Are Not Toxic To Pets!

Plants are always a difficult gift for a person with pets, many plants can be poisonous or cause mild stomach upset to our animal friends. However, orchids are non-toxic to pets so can be gifted without fear of poisoning a beloved pet. Phalaenopsis orchids in particular are completely non-threatening to cats, dogs and even horses if consumed by them in large quantities. This makes an orchid the perfect plant to gift this Christmas to the special someone and their special furry friend! 

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Orchids Are Long-Lasting

 A bouquet of fresh cut flowers can be a lovely present, but they usually die off within a week or so after purchase. However, our orchids will bloom for months after purchase and can continue to flourish with adequate care for years to come. After the blooming phase, orchids enter a "rest" phase where they require proper care to keep them healthy, ready to re-bloom over and over again!

Our orchids always come with a super simple care guide, and a link to our blog that also contains more detailed care tips that any recipient can follow. Our Orchid's blooms tend to last between 5-12 weeks (sometimes longer!) with the possible reblooming if appropriate care is met. 

 With a long-life hand picked orchid plant, all your friends and family will remember your kindness and impeccable taste for quite some time!

Their Symbolism and History

Orchids are among the most popular presents because they come in so many different colors and designs, and they're perfect for any kind of occasion. They have long been considered as symbols of purity, prosperity and good health but were also once thought to bring happiness and good luck to those who grew them. These reasons are why its hard to ever go wrong and be misunderstood when you are giving orchids to someone.

You can experience more about the exciting diversity of orchid species and learn all you could need to know about them with this Ultimate Orchid Guide.

In history, the Ancient Greeks believed these plants to be a great symbol of male virility, with the women often including the bulbs into their husbands food if they wanted to conceive a male child. 

In Ancient China however, orchids held great importance, specifically in terms of love and unity. They were often gifted to married couples as people believed the most honest and virtuous people were just like orchids and perfectly represented their culture.

In Christian theology, the spots that can be found on certain orchid's flowers were seen as a representation of the blood of Christ and thus orchids commonly were seen in Easter and Christmas flower arrangements. 

orchid gift

Meaning of Orchid Colors

Colours are important, not only do you want the orchid to match the person but you don't want the orchid to sent the wrong message. For instance, you wouldn't want to send your elderly grandparent a flower that actually symbolises romantic passion! 

With that in mind, we created the helpful guide to aid you in sending the right message;

Pink Orchids

Pink orchids symbolize femininity and elegance. They're traditionally used on the 14th or 28th anniversaries of marriage. They can also be used in friendships to convey a sentiment of well being and health. 

Red Orchids

Red-colored orchids symbolize romantic feelings and passionate relationships. They're a perfect present for someone special to you. If you want to send a romantic message and not be predictable with roses, red-orchids are a wonderful choice! 

Orange Orchids

Orange orchids tend to represent boldness, strength and pride. They're perfect gifts for anyone who has an important presentation, contest, or event coming up. 

Purple Orchids

Purple Orchid flowers represent royalty and dignity. Giving someone purple orchids shows that you're grateful, admiring, and respectful of them with an added hint of class 

Green Orchids

Green colour orchids symbolise good health and fortune. With this they are often used as a "get well" or "best wishes" gift. 

Yellow Orchids

As always with the colour yellow, this represents happiness, spirit and is a sign of new beginnings. Perfect for any newlyweds, new parents or as a simple house warming! 

White Orchids

What Do White Orchids Mean?

People value the rareness and beauty of the white orchid. However, this colour's association differs across many cultures. Thus, white orchid meanings draw mostly from the characteristics usually associated with that color. For example;

  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Hope
  • Reverence
  • Refinement

During the Victorian Era in England, people believed that white orchids were a symbol of wealth. They were especially prized by royalty in Japan. They also became a popular baby shower gift when they were first introduced.

With such a wide variety of options in colour, size, species or just simply the planter you present it in, an Orchid will always make an excellent gift for any occasion.

We also have so many to choose from here at Love Orchids that there is simply no good reason not to gift an orchid!

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