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Love Orchids & Jonathan Moseley

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Love Orchids & Jonathan Moseley - Love Orchids

Jonathan Moseley, designer extraordinaire, has captured our hearts for years with his classic, eco-friendly and often incredibly innovative designs.

He is known as the superstar in the floral world with regular appearance at the Chelsea Flower show, on Gardener’s Question Time and The Big Allotment Challenge.

You can say flowers, orchids and design have been part of his whole life and no wonder in 2020 he was awarded an honorary membership by the British Florist Association.


New Love Orchids Collection

Love Orchids have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for a few years as he is a great champion for flowers that are grown on British soil. He is also a stickler for using sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

When we got a call from Jonathan asking us if we had anything for Valentine’s that could be a bit different and perhaps featured on ITV Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, we jumped at the chance to discuss our very own Collector’s Orchid called New Life. 

These are the first ones we launch as part of Love Orchids Collectors Orchids. They will be limited in stock - first come – first serve and be priority to our Orchid Club members going forward so the perfect excuse to sign up.

About the Collector's Orchids

Like Jonathan, our team at Love Orchids (especially our own Orchid expert Malcolm) just love growing different and new species of Orchids. These will most often vary in size, flowering buds , stem quantity, with some even being scented and others displaying a multitude of colours.

No Orchid the same. Our own creations. A true collector’s item so to speak.

Our New Life Orchids are scented and won Garden Merit by the RHS. We thought this was ideal as something different for Valentines.

A lovely delicate mixture of white, pink and yellow.

To our delight when Jonathan told us that the orchids had made the cut we jumped with joy!

Our British family grown Orchids are to feature on ITV on Sunday 13th of Feb at 10am 2022!

Can you believe it! We are still pinching ourselves.

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