Our AGM Orchids Achievement

‘Plants that Perform’

Here at the Love Orchids nursery we are passionate about providing the best in quality, innovation and presentation for our UK customers. We grow hundreds of different varieties in a spectrum of colours and forms, each with their own personalities. Nurtured and cherished for several years, before maturing, these beautiful flowering plants are then ready to adorn your home and be admired.

Our Double H Nurseries team are therefore very excited and proud to be awarded with nine AGMs from the RHS for some of our favourite and most hardy varieties. Of the 20 different Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) varieties that made the cut for 2018, nine of these are flourishing in our nursery in the heart of the New Forest and now available in some of the UK’s largest retailers.

Our award-winning orchids include two scented varieties – ‘New Life’ and ‘Diffusion’. With delicate and alluring perfumes, our scented Phalaenopsis orchids are increasingly popular, and create fresh whispers of aroma in your home. Recently we showcased both varieties, along with our full range of AGM winners, at the RHS Orchid Show in London with great success.

You may well see the AGM logo on many of our products. This shows the plant variety has earned a seal of approval from the RHS and is a variety that performs reliably in the home. Customers can be confident in the knowledge that these specific varieties have been accredited and excel in each of the five assessment categories below:

• Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions
• Available for purchase
• Of good constitution
• Essentially stable in form and colour
• Reasonably resistant to pests and diseases

We continue to explore new and special varieties to offer contemporary and much-loved products to our customers and hope to continue growing our collection of AGM winners in the near future.

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