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Basic Orchid Care

Here at Love Orchids we are here to share some tips on how to master the orchid basics to ensure your orchid lasts months not days.  

Getting Started

Orchids are extremely low maintenance plants, that can re-flower time after time and live up to 100 years. It is a common misconception that orchids are difficult house plants to care for , the most common way to kill an orchid is by over watering it.

With over-watering being the most common way to kill an orchid, learning the watering basics should be a priority when you buy an orchid and we're here to help.

Firstly, we would recommend holding off on feeding your orchid if you are new to caring for orchids. Over feeding an orchid will cause the roots to rot therefore killing it, the same with over watering. Orchids are very adaptable, as long as your care routine is consistent your orchids should face no issues.  

Watering your orchid

Unlike many other house plants orchids don't need watering regularly, most orchids need watering around once a week. One important factor to remember when watering your orchids is to drain the excess water.  

Wondering when you water your orchid? firstly Our recommended method of watering would be the drip and drain method, simply place your orchid in a sink filled with water and allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then drain the water and allow the orchid to sit and drain any excess water for a further 5 minutes. Ensure that water never sits in the crown of your orchid or touches the flowers. The over watering signs to look out for are, loss of buds, black squishy roots and yellow leaves. If you notice these signs stop watering your orchid in till it has dried out.

Feeding your orchid and other tips  

Once you've mastered watering your orchid, you can start to feed the orchid.

We would recommend using orchid feed but if you would like to use plant feed ensure it is diluted by at least a quarter. Put the feed into the sink when using the dunk and drain method or add it to your watering can. You only need to do this about once a month, orchids have enough nutrient's to go months without additional feed.

Once you've mastered this just ensure that you keep your orchids out of direct sunlight as they can get sun burnt and keep your orchids away from fruit bowls as ripening fruit emits a gas called ethylene which causes orchid flowers to drop.

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